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What Are the Best Toys from Pet Stores in St. James?

When you visit pet stores in St. James, you’ll easily find dog toys of different shapes and sizes for dogs of different shapes and sizes. When you’re picking a toy, whether for a puppy or for an adult dog, it’s important to keep in mind what is safe for your dog. That doesn’t just mean determining whether the ingredients in a treat are healthy, but whether what they’re eating is a choking hazard as well.  When you’re choosing pet stores in St. James remember:


  • Not all toys are appropriate for all dogs. If something is too small, it becomes a choking hazard. If something is too large, your dog’s jaw may lock up or they might hurt themselves trying to get their mouth around it.
  • Your dog might find string, ribbon, and elastic bands interesting, but they are not good dog toys.
  • Toys with parts that can be chewed off should be avoided such as stuffed animals with glass or plastic eyes.
  • If a toy begins to wear down or become destroyed, it’s a good idea to replace it before it becomes a choking hazard.


With these basic understandings, there are walls and walls of toys in most pet stores in St. James, so how do you pick the right ones? It mostly comes down to paying attention to what your dog likes and experimenting with what they may never have had before.


Tennis Ballsplaying-frisbe-with-your-dog

This classic dog toy is all over pet stores in St. James. They come in many different sizes, but are most commonly recognized as hand-held green balls. This provides a bounce and any dog who loves chasing or retrieving typically loves a good game of fetch. Alternative to tennis balls are things like Frisbees or flying disks. Many dogs also enjoy playing with larger balls such as soccer balls or Hol-ee Roller Dog Balls.


Insert Treat Toys

Most pet stores in St. James will carry multiple forms of this toy such as the KONG Classic Toy and many others. This toy is great for most dogs because it’s just about indestructible and you can fill it with whatever you want including the KONG spray treats, your own personal dog treat choice, kibble, peanut butter, whatever you can fit in the bottom. These bad boys don’t take too long to empty, but they are a great tool for giving your dog a treat they can’t just gobble down. They are also made of hard rubber and can be used for bouncy games of fetch.


Squeaky Toys

Squeaking toys can be found in different forms in pet stores in St. James. Often squeakies are hidden inside of soft, plush-bodied toys, though they aren’t always in soft toys. If you’re going to get your dog a soft squeaky toy, make sure that your dog won’t destroy it and choke on the pieces. If your dog has a tendency to chew things into oblivion when you’re not looking, think about keeping this toy out of reach unless you are actively playing with it.


Stuffed Dog Toysplaying-ball-with-your-dog

Not all stuffed dog toys have squeakers which can sometimes be helpful in discouraging doggie-destruction. In pet stores in St. James you’ll find round, thick plush toys and flat ones with no cotton that are good for a calm game of tug. However if your dog has a tendency to play too roughly when tugging, you may want to consider getting a rope toy instead as plush toys are definitely not the sturdiest things out there.