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Doggie Dye and Creative Dog Grooming in St. James

dog groomingCreative dog grooming is sweeping the nation and it’s only a matter of time before dog grooming in St. James picks up on the new trend. Of course there is controversy about this new trend and whether it’s safe and humane for dogs. Lack of knowledge is the biggest cause of fear for anything, so let us put your mind at ease about creative dog grooming in St. James and how it will affect your pet.


Is creative dog grooming in St. James safe and how do they do it?

Like anything, with the right tools, dyeing and decorating your dog can also be safe. Any legitimate creative dog groomer will only use dyes that are approved by the National Association of Professional Creative Groomers (NAPCG). They work to test products before they use them on anyone’s pet in order to ensure safety. There are two types of approved dyes: temporary and semi-permanent. There are also two types of glues for securing rhinestones. One of the glues comes out with just water while the other loosens with the help of vegetable oil. Creative dog grooming in St. James doesn’t stop there as you can become more creative with props and buzz cuts or shaves to form specific looks.


How long does it last?

Depending on the type of dog grooming in St. James that you get, it can last as little as one or two baths or up to six months or five to six baths. The type of dye matters in the longevity of the color lasting.


How much does it cost and where can I get it done?

dog groomersDepending on where you go and what you want to get done, the price can very. PetSmart offers dog chalking, which is a type of coloring, starting at $2. That means depending on what you want to get done and how much of it you want to get done, it will cost more. If you go to private groomers, they may have blanket costs for certain treatments or they may have starting fees as well. Just like dog grooming in St. James, pet parents should expect to pay based on service and size of dog.


Will it work on my dog?

Even if your dog has a dark coat, the temporary colors often show through. However the semi-permanent dyes do not work on dark-haired dogs in most cases and no legitimate dog groomer will bleach dog fur because there are no safe, dog approved bleaches available. The important thing to know about creative dog grooming in St. James it that it is all done safely or it is not done at all.

Before you take your dog to dog grooming in St. James for any color, you should check with local laws to be sure there is no ban on dog coloring. Many states have such bans due to pet stores dying chicks with toxic chemicals in order to sell around Easter. When these laws were enacted, creative dog grooming hadn’t become popular (or no one was aware of it) and so the broadly written laws that were made for good reason, also blocked harmless creativity.