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A Mini-Guide to Pet Anxiety and Dog Training

Just like people, there is a huge population of dogs who suffer from some kind of anxiety. It might be scenario-specific, separation, or general anxiety. Would you believe that some dogs are actually more prone to anxiety than others? Dog training in St. James could be the answer, but the first step to solving the problem is recognizing it. Here are some symptoms of anxiety:


  • Barkingpet_grooming
  • Chewing
  • Coprophagia (eating their defecation)
  • Digging
  • Escaping
  • General Destruction
  • Howling
  • Pacing


While studies have been done, there have been no conclusive reason as to why or how pet anxiety develops in the first place in so many dogs. There are a few obvious things that can cause pet anxiety such as:


  • Change in Household (such as new pets or babies)
  • Change of Family
  • Change of Residence
  • Change of Schedule

Treating Anxiety with Dog Training and Vets

If your dog is suffering from anxiety, it’s not always necessary to seek extreme dog training in St. James. However some kind of training can definitely help the situation. One of the first things to try in order to quench pet anxiety is to distract them. This is true in the case of aggression and fear. The best way to do this is through a favorite belonging or to work on training with them such as ‘focus’. By redirecting them, you can show them good things that happen in an environment that they would otherwise deem negative.



In fact, most dogs are very food driven and by grabbing your dog’s favorite food treat, you can usually distract them from a situation at hand without having to do extra training, but the perk of extra training shouldn’t be forgotten. You’ll want to use the food was a dog training in St. James tool to desensitize your pet later down the line.


If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, there is no quick fix. What will become key here is to teach your pet that when you leave, you will always come back. This is going to be very similar to any time you may have had children that you left at daycare. You may remember your baby crying when you walked away the first few times, but as they became aware that you would always come back, it became easier. You will need to do the exact same thing with your dog. As hard as it may be to listen to, you should let your dog cry when you step out. You have to. Wait for it to subside, then walk back in. This could be little trips like taking out the garbage or stepping into the garage for no reason in particular. Make sure to give your dog something to do while you’re gone to assist in the idea that not everything good is gone when you leave. Dog training in St. James doesn’t have to be hard if you know the right way to approach a situation.


What also helps ease anxiety is by spending time with your dog such as with dog training in St. James, going on long walks, or spending a good amount of time playing. If you are able, it’s a good idea to wear your dog out with a walk before you disappear for long periods of time. This will help them sleep better once you walk out the door and keep the anxious energy at bay.