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Spending a Day with the Dogs at Pet Stores Around Town

You’re not just limited to pet stores in St. James when you have a day off. If you’re looking to spend a day with your dog, there are possibilities out the sleeve for what you can do together. As you plan, know that your dog is looking forward to every minute that you will spend together. Know that no matter what you do, as long as your dog is with you, he is more than likely having fun and just happy to be together. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered.


Dog Grooming in St. Jamesdog-grooming-drying-dog

Starting off the day with dog grooming is a great way to rejuvenate yourself and your dog. While she’s at the doggie spa, you can also take the opportunity to pamper yourself or slow down. Do something that you enjoy, stress free, while she’s being treated like a queen. Pet stores in St. James often have dog grooming salons inside of them, which gives you and your dog more things to do when you are together. You could even go shopping before, during, or after, for a special treat from the pet stores in St. James to give your dog a special little treat of his own.


Dog Parks or Walking Trails

Exercise is always high on a dog’s love list—especially when it’s done with you. After pet stores in St. James and dog grooming, consider taking your dog for a walk around the neighborhood or explore a new trail in town that you might never have explored before. Your dog will love the fresh air and the dogs at the park will be envious of how good you guys look after hitting up the dog groomer.


Dog Training in St. James

Dog training in St. James isn’t just for newbie pet parents. There is such a variety offered in dog training that just about any pet parent could benefit from it. Pet stores in St. James often offer training on site, but you can find more professionally dog training by looking for specialists in the area. You can train in learning new tricks, mastering the ones you already know, or look into agility training. The best part about dog training is that it offer lessons for you and something for your pup.


Dog-Friendly Stores and Restaurantswalking-on-beach-with-pets

You don’t have to stick to just pet stores in St. James when you’re out with your dog. There are many large chain stores and local places that welcome pet business as much as human business—assuming both are well behaved. A quick Google-search will show what you have available in your area or you could check out the pet resource we’ve put together for St. James. National stores like Old Navy, Barnes and Noble, and Macy’s love pets, but you should always call the local store ahead of time just to make sure the local policy is the same as the national policy.


Hotel in Town

Feel like you need to get away from it all? Grab what you need from pet stores in St. James or bring your dog’s favorite toys from home and go on a mini vacation in town. Even just staying the night at a hotel and ordering dinner in can feel like a getaway and everyone deserves that little vacation every now and then.