dog friendly restaurants

Bringing a Well-Mannered Pooch to the Table

When you’re out with your friends or running errands with your dog and you get hungry, you know how important it is to find dog-friendly restaurants in St. James, but you also know how important it is for your dog to behave appropriately in the restaurants. A little misbehavior can not only be embarrassing, but it can send you out the restaurants door (or off the patio). You might have to work with your dog when you’re teaching them table manners, but no dog is too old to learn. Here are some tips when it comes to teaching proper table manners.


Prep Your Pup for the Mealplaying-fetch-with-dog

There are a few good ways to prepare for dog friendly restaurants in St. James. One of them is going for a walk. Your dog is more likely to behave and remain relaxed underneath the table if she is not full of energy. Prior to going for a meal, consider taking a twenty-minute walk to wear off some energy. If you don’t want to walk, consider playing some kind of high energy game with your dog just to run him about. Another great way to prepare for dog friendly restaurants in St. James is by feeding them. Your dog is less likely to beg for scraps if he has been fed. With a little bit of running and food, your dog Is 100% more likely to rest while you eat than a hungry, energetic dog.


Know Your Dog’s Personality

Some dogs just aren’t meant for that much socialization. Know if your dog is ready to handle dog friendly restaurants in St. James. If your dog gets nervous, barks, or licks excessively, you may want to think twice about bringing him and wait until you do more training. You do not want to abuse the good faith of the restaurants you attend by bringing a dog who is completely unprepared and out of his element.


Careful With the Leashwalking-with-your-dog

Know that your dog will need to be on her leash at all times while you are at the dog friendly restaurants in St. James. You will have to find somewhere to hook the leash to or else you will be dragging it all over your lap and possibly your meal the whole time. As you pick a place to tie the leash, put it somewhere out of the way where no one will trip on it. Take care to note where waiters and patrons come through and do your best to place it in a non-conflicting place. You will not only disrupt them by placing your dog’s leash in a bad place, but your dog will have a harder time settling in as well.


Bring Treats

For every good behavior that your dog shows, you always want to reward it. If your dog isn’t used to going to dog friendly restaurants in St. James, rewarding good behavior is a lot more important. With that said, it’s important to only reward your dog as you’re leaving or after the fact. While you dine, you want to more or less ignore your dog so you don’t inadvertently invite him to the meal with you. If a dog is there, he is not part of the meal, he just happens to be near it.