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Car Travel Tips for Your Dog with Dog Training

Dog parks, pet stores, dog grooming, and dog training in St. James aren’t always in walking distance. However many dogs also struggle with being comfortable in the car. It can be a frightening and stressful experience and you may even find your dog running the other when she hears the keys jingling in your hand. Considering how often we use cars, it’s important that we find a way to ease our pets into tolerating them at least. Here are some tips for traveling by car and making it easier on your pet.


Gradually Introduce Your Dog to the Car

If your dog isn’t used to riding in the car, the worst thing you can do is to force them on long, painful car rides. That’s not only a recipe for fear, but for carsickness as well. Dog training in St. James can help with this by taking your dog into a non-moving car first. Sit in there for a while and every time you visit the car, as your dog gets comfortable, change what’s happening. Shift from sitting still to pulling out of the driveway to short rides to longer rides. Be gradual and always reward your dog immediately afterwards.


Avoid Car Sicknesscar-rides-with-dog

Car sickness can be brought on by watching the movement out the windows or by your dog having their balance thrown off and never stabilizing during the car ride. Avoid this problem altogether by traveling on an empty stomach, but always bring water for your pup. Extra dog training in St. James might be needed if your dog begins to associate vomiting with the car, which can happen.


Keep the Air Fresh

Whether your dog is in a crate or the front seat, make sure the area has fresh air going to and from it. If your dog is nervous in the car, they’ll already likely be having a hard time breathing. For more effective car dog training in St. James, you want your dog to be able to get comfortable and fresh flowing air is part of that.


Make Stops as Frequently as Needed

If you find that your dog is doing the potty pant or being restless, don’t be afraid to stop to make those breaks for your dog. If you want effective dog training in St. James, your dog needs to be sure that her needs will be met, even on the road. If she feels helpless she will grow to resent and hate the car more. If she’s nervous, she will likely have a bigger need to stop for a potty or exercise break.


Never be Unsafetraveling-with-dog

Letting your dog ride in the bed of the truck, while it might seem fun, is extremely dangerous and can lead to serious injury or death. You should never let your dog right in the open bed of a truck for any reason, whether they are comfortable in cars or not. Use this as an opportunity for dog training in ST. James and a bonding experience. Remember that just like kids, while dogs might find something fun or tasty, they rarely understand what is good for them.