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Starting Your Own Dog Meetups in St. James

Dog meetups in St. James are few and far between which is a real shame. Dog meetups offer community and friendship in the form of other pet parents and their lovable doggies. The social opportunities are limitless with dog meetups in St. James, someone just has to start them. With dog meetups you can go on adventures through the amazing trails, look for new dog parks, or host local pet picnics with other dog lovers. It’s a great way for new pet parents to meet older ones, and to exchange dog training tips and funny stories with one another. There’s something unique about dog lovers and when you bring them together, you can’t help but become friends with people whose dog’s clearly believe they are a good person as well. If you’re nervous about starting your own dog meetup in St. James, don’t worry, that’s normal, but the steps are so easy, you’ll be out at the park in no time.


1. Decide On Your Dog Meetup In St. James

First step is to say you want to do it, second step is to decide what you want the focus to be. There are a handful of different focuses for dog meetups in St. James. It’s important to decide what it is that you want to focus on in your group to help others who are also looking for something. You can’t just pull a group of dogs and people together to stand around because it would honestly just be a lot of awkward silence and booty sniffing. When you create your dog meetup, think about what you had been looking for and go from there.


2.    Tell People About itshutterstock_242658580

Creating dog meetups in St. James won’t do any good if nobody knows about it. Start out by telling your friends and their families. Have them convey the idea to pet parents they know. You can bring fliers or talk at your church, school, place of work, or anywhere with a community that contains people who may be pet parents.


3.    Create an Online Page

With the help of websites like Facebook or, you can easily create an even page for your dog meetups in St. James. This will be an important set in maintaining the group, informing others of events, and keeping pet parents connected. Social pages are a great way to also build the group. With places like Facebook and Meetup, you can open the group to the public so when others are looking for dog meetups in St. James, they’ll be able to find you. Building a doggie group won’t matter too much if no one can find you.


4.    Plan an Event, Do the Event, Repeat.dogs_at_dog_park

Your events will vary depending on the type of dog meetups in St. James you have. It might be a trail walk, a picnic, a training seminar—Whatever. Post it to your social media page with time, place, and cost and once you mark it, make it happen. It’s great to follow-up on Social media with pictures or comments about the event. Once it’s over, it’s time to plan the next one. With the help of social media, taking suggestions for events is made even easier. Remember, the point of the group is to have a family, so you’re never alone in your planning.