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Teaching Your Dog to Ask to Go Out

Potty training can be one of the hardest, most frustrating parts of dog training in the first few months. With the constant messes and in some cases the dogs don’t even develop the needed muscles for potty training for up to six months. However potty training can also be an opportunity for more dog training in St. James. If your dog is old enough to be housebroken, there should already be signs your dog gives you when they need to go out. This is one of the many places where knowing dog body language is key.


The Doggie Language of the Potty Danceplaying-fetch-with-dog

If you’ve spent time on dog training in St. James, your dog should give off signs that they need to use the bathroom such as:


  • Approaching vertical objects and sniffing
  • Approaching you and staring, whining, or wagging
  • Circling
  • Moving to a distant part of the room
  • Pacing
  • Panting
  • Scratching at the door
  • Shaking Jaw
  • Sniffing
  • Whining
  • Overall restlessness or inability to settle


If you see any of the above signs, take your dog outside and see what happens. If you’ve mastered potty training, you should see exactly what you expect.


Does Your Dog Give You No Indication?

If you find that your dog is not giving you any indication that she needs to go outside, it’s alright. This just means there’s an opportunity for dog training in St. James. In fact, there are many ways to train your dog to let you know when they need to go outside. The easiest (and most common) is usually with a hanging bell by the door. Every time you take your dog out to the bathroom, ring the bell before you step outside (or let them out if they go out independently). You have to consistently ring the bell, open the door. As you do this, your dog will catch on and begin ringing the bell on their own, knowing that ringing the bell is followed by opening the door.


The Ding Opens the Door So…shutterstock_114881185

Many dogs start getting clever once they realize they have this new power. If they ring the bell, the door opens and they can go play outside, so how do you continue the dog training in St. James so your dog will only ring the bell when she needs to potty? The way this can be solved is by putting her leash and going out with her so that she only eliminates and then comes back in. You will have to teach her that ringing the bell does not mean do whatever you want outside and it is strictly down to business. This might seem like a pain, but would you rather a bell be dinged at random times because she’s bored or that you have a better trained dog who will only ring the bell when she needs to?
Besides, you’ll be surprised at how quickly your dog catches on.